We here collect a number of projects currently on-going in the sensor fusion group.

  • Smart localisation systems is our long term strategic research area
  • Digitized Search and Rescue (DSAR). The project goal is to find opportunistic radio transmitters on lost persons using radio scanners mounted on a drone. Research and Development is focused on localisation, planning and user interaction.
  • Future hearing aids. In the superman (sensor unlimited platforms enabling really amazing novelties) project, it is investigated which new features a hearing aid with a similar sensor configuration as a smartphone can provide. Research focus is on new beam forming algorithms and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) of the hearing aid and surrounding sound sources. 
  • Reliable and robust navigation at sea. The goal is to develop a backup and support system to monitor the integrity of GNSS systems and take over the navigation when GNSS fails or is jammed/spoofed. 
  • Monitoring and fault detection of heart pumps. Here we use acoustic measurements of the sound generated from mechanical heart pumps mounted inside the body, with microphones placed outside the body. The goal is to detect early signs of thrombosis or pump mechanical failures by analysing the sound spectrum.