SF app


This Sensor Fusion app is intended as an illustration of what sensor capabilities your smartphone or tablet have. You can watch graphs of the main sensors in real time, except for video, microphones and radio signals. You can log data to file or stream data to a computer. The app is bundled with a a MATLAB interface which allows for on-line processing and filtering for prototyping and demo purposes.

The first versions of this app was developed in collaboration with HiQ, funded by a SAAB award in the name of former CEO Åke Svensson.

The second version of this app, featuring a considerable rewrite of the code base as well as extended functionality and Matlab support, was developed by Gustaf Hendeby as part of introducing the app as part of a lab in the Sensor Fusion course at University of Linköping the spring of 2013.

Pleasant sensor exploration, wishes

Fredrik Gustafsson,
Professor in Sensor Informatics,
Linköping University


  • SFlab2.zip contains the necessary files to connect the app with Matlab.


  • Documentation of the functionality provided by the jar-file.
  • Lab instructions for using the app. It describes how to connect the phone to a computer.
  • Examples of how to use the Sensor Fusion app together with MATLAB.


The Sensor Fusion app has been described in the following publications. Please, cite 1 if you use the Sensor Fusion app in your research.

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