The Signal Processing book presents a lot of algorithms for filtering and analysing signals, and converting signal models. These algorithms are in the books summarized as Matlab functions, and this set of functions is available to download from the zip-file To fit into the book, these functions are extremely briefly commented, mostly only one line with the syntax and purpose. However, the book provides a comprehensive documentation of the algorithms.

The Signal and Systems Lab (sigsys) covers the theory in the Statistical Signal Processing book, but also many more algorithms from the signal and systems area. This Matlab toolbox is object oriented, where the algorithms are methods of an object. The core sensor fusion algorithms are part of either the sensor model or the nonlinear model object. 

The Signal and Systems Lab is also packaged in a zip-file. To get some control of the downloads, we ask you to fill in a simple form with your email address, and we will send the zip-file by email automatically.